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 GBC Vol. 4: One-Eyed Jack

GBC Vol 4: One-Eyed Jack


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The Power of Rock meets the Soul of The Blues

The American blues rock Dream Team awaits your hungry ears. Imagine... the surging raw power of Zep & Bad Co. meets the delicious low-down boogie of ZZ Top & Stevie Ray.

Quality album-oriented Rock with old-school high standards.

Remember listening to both sides of album in one sitting? Those good ol' days are back with GBC...

The Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love GBC's CDs that we offer an unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!


Globe_72px.png Here's what the International Press is saying about GBC:

This array of elite talent has raised the bar for all future blues rock albumsGuitar 9, USA

Best guitar-oriented rock CD of the year! Tasty collection of catchy rock tunes… Addictive songs & throbbing grooves.JFK Music, Germany

I just couldn’t stop playing it.Lightnin’ Jack Cane ARFM, England

Electrifying guitar solos.Suburban Records, Holland

These Gentlemen kick ass!The Pasadena Weekly, USA

From the first song to the last… A GREAT ALBUM!!!César – Radio Coteaux, France

Power Blues-Rock; A sound filled to the edge with multi-layers of explosive guitars. Think of a mix of ZZTop, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray and Cream… ‘Kick ass’ is an understatement.RootsTime, Belgium

Hard & sweaty." JazzSax, Japan     Explosive sound & energy.BluesTime Italy


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